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MAY 1-7

Together we can reduce Earth's heat by eating less meat!


Rising sea levels. Melting ice caps. Extreme weather events. Forest fires. Floods..You don't have to look far to see that climate change is real and wreaking havoc on our planet. As humans continuously add heat trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the Earth's temperature continues to rise. How hot will it get? What can we do?

The livestock industry - raising cows, pigs, and chickens - generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks, and automobiles in the world combined! Scientists from around the globe have been telling us for years that one of the most meaningful ways we can save our precious Earth is to EAT LESS MEAT.

Welcome to MEAT FREE WEEK - a simple way for young people and adults alike to join the global fight against climate change. How simple? 

Step 1: Have a conversation with your family and commit to one week (May 1-7) of eating meatless meals, and then visit our website to take the Meat Free Week PLEDGE.

Step 2: Try yummy meat free recipes and order vegetarian options at your favourite restaurants. 

Step 3: Consider growing a small vegetable garden or visit your local farmers market and learn how to become your very own veggie-warrior! 

May 1-7, 2021 we are calling all students, parents, teachers, and neighbours to join the Meat Free Week Movement! Be sure to also subscribe to our Blog and follow us on social media!


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