Meat Free Week was started in 2020 at Belmont Elementary in Langley, B.C. by two fifth-grade students wanting to research the environmental impacts of eating meat. 

Driven by their shared concern for animals and the issue of climate change, they researched the impacts meat production has on the environment. They found compelling statistics from sources like David Suzuki and National Academy of Sciences about how reducing meat from our diets is necessary to protecting humanity from runaway climate change. 

All this research led to the idea of Meat Free Week and went into developing the content for an annual campaign. Motivated by Suzuki’s mantra that “eating less meat will reduce Earth’s heat,” the goal of Meat Free Week is to encourage young people and adults to join the global fight against climate change and eat less meat.

An award winning BC Green Games project, Meat Free Week hosts its 2nd annual campaign May 1-7, 2021, calling all students, parents, teachers, and neighbours to take the PLEDGE to not eat meat for a week. Participants also have the opportunity to try yummy veggie recipes, grow a vegetable garden, or support their local farmers. For project updates, subscribe to the Blog and follow us on social media!