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My experience of being vegetarian by Myla Ewasiuk

Allow us to introduce one of our best friends, Myla. She is vegetarian and has been her whole life having never eaten meat before! She is also one of the strongest and fastest athletes we know. She wrote a speech on being vegetarian for Speech Fest and we wanted to share it with you because we think it’s awesome!!

We hope you give it a read. You might think twice about eating meat!

My experience of being vegetarian..

Don’t you crave meat? How do you get protein? Do you eat dairy? These are just some of the questions I encounter on a regular basis.  

Good morning Mr Bonnar, teachers, ladies and gentleman, judges and fellow students. My name is Myla Ewasiuk and I'm going to be talking about my personal experience of being vegetarian.  

Lots of people ask why my family is vegetarian? There are so many reasons. I love being vegetarian and I really dislike the thought of people eating dead animals!  Not only do I consider eating animals inhumane, but one should also think about the health risks that eating animals causes. For example, when you’re eating fish, think of all of the pollution that the fish spent its lifetime consuming. We watched a speech in class that talked about how so many fish eat plastic particles and have cancers in them.  

Lots of people tend to see dogs and cats as companions whereas they see chickens, pigs and cows as just food, not realizing that those animals have personalities too. I believe that all animals should have the same rights, and be seen as the wonderful creatures that they are. In North America, hundreds of millions of pigs are slaughtered for food per year. Why is it even considered ok to eat pigs? It seems like people care more about dogs and cats because they are seen as “cuter.” This is a concerning misjudgment because this attitude leads to people only caring about cuteness and not about the lives and sufferings of all animals with feelings. Just consider that puppy's and kittens get adopted faster than older dogs and cats so then they never get to have a caring family to live with. This just goes to show that our perceptions also impact what we eat.

Lots of people also ask what do you eat? Do you only eat vegetables? No I don’t only eat vegetables. Theres so many options for me to eat. Another question I get asked A LOT is how do you get protein. I can get protein and healthy foods from sources like homemade protein shakes, made by my awesome mom, by tofu, nuts and beans.

Being vegetarian has had a big impact on my life and the environment. I think that if everyone tried being vegetarian there would be a way more environmentally friendly earth. And there would be way less animals going extinct.      

In summary, being a vegetarian has had a positive impact on my life. I see more reasons to be a vegetarian than to be a meat-eater. I also think that being vegetarian has a very good impact on the environment and the animals. Well I hope you changed your mind about eating meat.

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