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So you've taken the #meatfreeweek what? Here's 7 meatless meals to help get you ready!

1. Vegan Tuna Poke Bowl - hot for food by Lauren Toyota

Check out how easy it is to make vegan tuna poke on the hot for food blog. See video and recipe here:

2. Tempeh Bacon by The Game Changers

Whether you're looking to add more protein to breakfasts, sandwiches or wraps or simply want a nutrient dense snack, this tempeh bacon is a great smoky, salty and sweet addition. See recipe here:

3. Grilled BBQ Tofu by The Buddhist Chef

The best and easiest marinade ever – no-fuss and packed with so much flavor! You’ll never need another grilled tofu recipe again! Seriously. It doesn’t get any easier than this recipe. And it’s practically fool-proof. See video and recipe here:

4. Dahl by The Buddhist Chef

You can’t go wrong with this comforting vegan Dahl recipe packed with protein and nutrients and so simple to make. Ago-to for anyone who loves Indian cuisine. See video and recipe here:

5. Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Avocado Crema by Pinch of Yum

These buffalo cauliflower tacos have more than a pinch of yum and were a Meat Free Week favourite last year! Crispy, tangy, fiery taco perfection! What’s there not to love? See recipe here:

6. The Best Damn Vegan Burger - hot for food by Lauren Toyota

Lauren Toyota created The Best Damn Vegan Burger and claims, the best way to convince people to go vegan is to simply trick them! A meatless burger that tastes as good as meat, if not better! See video and recipe here:

7. Vegan Herb Butter Roasted Mushrooms & Chickpeas by Rabbit and Wolves

If you're looking for a quick and easy recipe that tastes super yummy and is loaded with protein, this one is for you! See recipe here:

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