• Team #meatfreeweek

That's a wrap!

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who completed the Meat Free Week Pledge last week! There were over 100 pledges in just one week! Ruby and I held a vegan ice cream party for the kids who participated and we had so much fun! We learned a lot from our environmental campaign and loved taking part in the design of the website and posters, presenting to students, and generally spreading the word about the impact meat has on the environment. We hope you enjoyed the chance to try a meat-free menu for a week and maybe even discovered some new favourite recipes!

We want to thank our awesome teacher Mme Bournelis and Libby’s mom, Sarah Barrette, for helping and coaching us along the way. Also, a big thanks to the Langley School District for supporting our campaign and making an awesome video of us (see below)! We are just so excited and happy with all the love and support we received in making Meat Free Week a reality. Thank you all again so much! We hope our campaign has made you think about the amount of meat you eat and consider other meal options in the future! Remember, “Eating less meat, reduces Earth's heat”. Be sure to join us again next year!!

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